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Here's the legal stuff:
  1. You retain copyright on your stories, but when you submit a story to this site you grant an unconditional, unlimited, non-expiring right to to republish it in any media, format, or language, at any time between now and the heat death of the universe. This includes potentially profitable ventures such as a book deal. If this ever happens, there's no obligation on this site's owners to offer monetary compensation, but all authors will get full and correct attribution for the stories republished.

  2. This website only solicits works of fiction that do not represent actual people or situations. All characters in all stories, as well as all situations described, are taken to be fictitious, and any defamatory or slanderous material is the responsibility of its author.

  3. The editors' decisions are final. Judge, jury, and executioner doesn't even begin to cover the powers we have here. If your story gets deleted or rejected, you have no right of appeal, although you're welcome to email us and we'll try to explain why.

  4. We publish the stories we like - i.e. those that in our opinion have some literary merit. We are human and capricious, and by using this site you accept that our opinions may be different to yours. (Particularly if you're the author of a story that got rejected.)

  5. This site may contain stories with adult themes or strong language. If you object to, or are offended by, this sort of thing please stay away; this site takes no responsibility for it. All stories are the responsibility of their authors.

  6. All authors must be 18 or older or appropriately supervised by someone 18 or older. We don't want to exclude younger people from exercising their creativity here, but we do ask that youngsters have an adult around. If you're under 18, please make sure a parent or guardian knows you're using this site.
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