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These are the genres espresso stories are divided into: fun and often politically-incorrect categories that roughly describe the themes of the stories within them. New genres are being added all the time - if your story doesn't fit any genre, why not contact us and suggest a new one?

Man's Shortest Friend. Animals cute and menacing have stories, too. Mostly very short in nature. (114 stories.)
Short on luck. The trouble with luck is that there's not enough of it to go around. (300 stories.)
Homer and Hildegaard. Heroes and gods. Rome wasn't built in a day - but these stories were. (39 stories.)
Victoria & Edward. One word: Bronte. Think heather-covered hills, country houses, and constant rain. (44 stories.)
Family laughs. Mainstream humor the family can enjoy, where punchlines and slapstick abound. (236 stories.)
Laughing in the dark. Gallows humor, for those who take it black. Sometimes Jack the Ripper can be a funny guy. (354 stories.)
Snorts 'n Chortles. If you like your humor to include interesting biological noises, this genre's for you. (179 stories.)
The Illustrated Story. Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Goofy, Bugs, and all the Manga/Anime types hang their hats and capes right here. (87 stories.)
Minor crimes. Hardbitten detectives, corrupt cops, crime lords and other cliches on the mean streets of Shortsville. (33 stories.)
Gnomic classics. A clever Elf defeats the Princess of Elfland and marries the beautiful troll. Or something. (60 stories.)
Short Heroes. Righteous fighters for peace and justice, or just messing about in coloured spandex and inappropriate underwear? You decide. (113 stories.)
Spell Realism. Our equivalent of Magic Realism: dreamlike, Borges-inspired mixes of the mundane with the fantastic. (298 stories.)
Superdupernatural. Vampires, demons, the whole menagerie's in this immortal genre. (142 stories.)
Vegas curtailed. Stories of long odds with short money, wherever there's a wager, there's a loser. (28 stories.)
A bit Buffyish. Where a demon from hell and a broken nail are of equal importance. (72 stories.)
King of Horror. Stories to die for. Lonely roads, spooky kids, and machines with a mind of their own. (215 stories.)
Lost in Lovecraft. Deliciously blood-curdling tales from the House of Esher's lost library. (285 stories.)
Teen slasher flick. 'Lucky we broke down next to the only house in this forest. The door's open - I'll be right back.' (81 stories.)
Teen dreams. Short attention spans? No problem with these narratives for teenagers. (173 stories.)
'Burb brevity. Hedges, lawnmowers, people carriers and 2.4 children feature in these stories of domestic heaven - or hell... (305 stories.)
Bitesize Inspirations. Leave your small crushed diamonds of wisdom here to inspire someone's day. But maintain the narrative! (155 stories.)
Chick lit. Fiction for women. Read it between doing your hair and make-up. (501 stories.)
Freudian slips. Stories of human nature and the human condition, just long enough to fill a slip of paper. (117 stories.)
Hollywood shorts. Tales from the land of dreams, glitz, glimmer, and scandal, all in twenty-five words or less. (70 stories.)
Is it Apocalypse yet?. Bible-bashing, Four Horsemen, and rather short crusades feature in these religious epics. (215 stories.)
Limited Conflict. For those times when you just have to tell a very short story about a short war. (195 stories.)
Short Holidays. Tales of cheer and woe from those thankfully brief holidays. (93 stories.)
Short-stuff. Stories written for kids. Short stuff for short-stuff. (146 stories.)
Shorts in the City. City stories, told from among steaming manholes and all-night convenience stores. (189 stories.)
Truncated travels. Travel writing, in the footsteps of great literate travellers like Burton, Theroux, and that guy you met on EasyJet with the Manchester accent. (205 stories.)
Minor introspections. Navel-gazing, inward-looking, self-actuated bits of inner monologue like half-remembered moments and memories. (493 stories.)
Ace of Spades. Revolvers, dark cityscapes, and hard-boiled detectives perhaps named Sam. (67 stories.)
Mannerly Mystery. Miss Marple, closed rooms, and deductive reasoning dominate this genteel genre. (71 stories.)
Noir as the night. The postman always hits submit twice. But you don't have to in this film noir pastiche. (336 stories.)
Strictly Courtroom. High-powered lawyers keep their 'briefs' below 25 words in these courtroom dramas. (28 stories.)
Tales from the watercooler. We've all got stories of life at work. Now you can tell them to the world - in fewer words than a memo. (187 stories.)
Wordless in Windows. Whether you message, email, chat, or just work on your PC, there's a story in it somewhere. (76 stories.)
Stories of a Lesser God. Shorts with a spiritual theme. Well, god's not a big word. (15 stories.)
Epic Romance. Heathcliiiiiiiiiiiifff! (564 stories.)
New York Love. Boy meets girl under the light of a silvery moon - er, skyscraping cityscape... (284 stories.)
Talking screwball. Light-hearted comedy, often with a boy-meets-girl theme. (75 stories.)
Teen Romance. College football player Brad meets beautiful cheerleader Janet - wonder what'll happen? (133 stories.)
Your Cheating Little Heart. Stories of an espresso bent, about bent hearts, unfaithful husbands, cheating boyfriends, lying girlfriends, and all those little stabs in the back. (125 stories.)
Future Classic. Classic science fiction in the manner of Asimov, Clarke, Anderson, Heinlein, and Bester. (91 stories.)
Cyberpunkish. Mirrorshades? Check. Cyberspace deck? Check. Switchblade? Check. (44 stories.)
Men in black shorts. Blame it on the MIBs. The truth is in here, and it's surprisingly brief. (35 stories.)
Space Operetta. Rebel alliances, galactic empires, and other stuff that stretches a 25-word canvas. (88 stories.)
Subparanormal. Things that go bump in the night, but never more than 25 times. (64 stories.)
Short courses in Co-education. College and school stories. No matter how few courses you took, you're bound to graduate in this genre. (100 stories.)
Sports in Shorts. Minor themes on playing fields, involving cheerleaders, quarterbacks, bad plays, national pastimes, irate fans, and exploding footballs. No limit on the number of sports. (71 stories.)
Double-O-twenty-five. Bond wannabes fight maniacal villains, in less time than Q'd take to demo the gadgets. (22 stories.)
Exploding Mountains. Derring-do and derring-don't, to a backdrop of jungles and the high seas. (43 stories.)
Hacker Smacker. Bits and bytes stuff, in just a couple of lines of code. (27 stories.)
Sounds like Hannibal. Tales of really nasty folk...and the people who catch them. (84 stories.)
Wagons roll!. Pioneering tales of cowboys, explorers, and settlers. Yeeeeeehaw! (59 stories.)
Hemingway in earnest. So you thought Ernest wrote compactly? Phwah. Try writing like Papa in 25 or less. (66 stories.)
Reduced Shakespeare. Quote the Bard. Just don't take more than 25 words to do it. (49 stories.)
Saw Bellow. Lit 101 - introspective stuff of a serious or not-so-serious nature. (58 stories.)
The Grapes of Politics. Steinbeck-style political lit: stories of real people pushed and pulled around by the levers of power. For once, the politicians have to limit their speeches to 25 words. (77 stories.)
What the Dickens?. Mr Micawber's dream. Taut writing plus a 25-word limit... outcome: a good read. (36 stories.)
Brief Oddities. For stories that don't have a genre. If your story doesn't fit anywhere, put it in here - maybe it'll give birth to a new one. (743 stories.)
Hunter Thompson in Shorts. Strange, possibly drug-induced events of a weird and exotic nature, after the pattern of a certain drug and gun loving writer. (58 stories.)
Bantam Wussiness. Cowards, wimps, antiheroes, chickens, crybabies, doormats, and twenty-five other ways to say weakling. (21 stories.)

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