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Short-stuff. Stories written for kids. Short stuff for short-stuff. There are 146 stories in this genre. To read any story, just click its title - you'll then have a chance to vote on it if you are a contributor.

'Shit happens', by Allard van Gent. Added 02/05/2016
'The Magic Door', by Carter Deems. Added 01/02/2015
'FAKE PLANTS', by Clive Gill. Added 25/05/2014
'CUT SHORT', by Clive Gill. Added 25/05/2014
'Funeral Reunion', by Dan Watson. Added 25/02/2014
'It doesn't need fixing', by Allie Weaving. Added 06/02/2014
'The Choice.', by Michael Hughes. Added 11/09/2013
'Dregs', by Cheeseman Cheeseman. Added 14/06/2013
'Persued', by Jonathan Lent. Added 17/05/2013
'Beautiful', by Erica Batitto. Added 15/12/2012
'"Let it Snow"', by Mick Mather. Added 13/09/2012
'My Dearest Heart', by Angela Penn. Added 21/08/2012
'Hemingways Plate.', by Terry Whitworth. Added 16/05/2012
'elipses', by Noah Silver. Added 03/02/2012
'Deep Depths', by Noah Silver. Added 27/01/2012
'dead', by Noah Silver. Added 26/01/2012
'The monkey and the aardvark', by Cath Barton. Added 07/12/2011
'The Picture', by Justin Gregory. Added 19/11/2011
'The Dance', by Morgan Clark. Added 18/11/2011
'Loose Lips', by Justin Gregory. Added 10/11/2011
'Let's Stop and Talk awhile', by april agondez. Added 23/09/2011
'Just you', by april agondez. Added 23/09/2011
'Loneliness.', by Sunil Glen. Added 30/07/2011
'Saturday Visitation', by Christian Melhorn. Added 27/07/2011
'Light of Day', by Placid Casual. Added 23/07/2011
'Atomic Tangerine', by maxi jazz. Added 15/07/2011
'Who Cares', by Joan Mahaffy. Added 04/06/2011
'The Mysteries of Life', by Rivka Willick. Added 29/05/2011
'Consequences', by Ryan Pfeffer. Added 26/03/2011
'You Should', by Susannah Malarkey. Added 24/03/2011
'Probably Not', by Susannah Malarkey. Added 24/03/2011
'Contract', by Pheonix Hardin. Added 24/03/2011
'Hair Advice', by Susannah Malarkey. Added 24/03/2011
'Mexican Dance', by Susannah Malarkey. Added 24/03/2011
'Celine Dion and Dust', by Susannah Malarkey. Added 24/03/2011
'Disneyspeare', by Danger Masar. Added 25/02/2011
'Once Upon a Time...', by Danger Masar. Added 10/02/2011
'Too Tall', by Christian Westbrook. Added 10/01/2011
'Girls Gone Wild', by Colin Fraser. Added 30/11/2010
'The Moment of Loss', by Lisa Ames. Added 10/10/2010
'A Lonely Friday Night', by Bilbo Baggins. Added 31/07/2010
'The Typewrite', by Paridhi Agarwal. Added 19/06/2010
'Today', by Jack Raymond. Added 22/05/2010
'Dilemma Oliver', by Jennifer Adams. Added 18/05/2010
'Chef Boyareyoudumb and Mac and Cheese', by Bilbo Baggins. Added 09/05/2010

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