Stories in Stories of a Lesser God
Stories of a Lesser God. Shorts with a spiritual theme. Well, god's not a big word. There are 15 stories in this genre. To read any story, just click its title - you'll then have a chance to vote on it if you are a contributor.

'His End of the Deal', by Fortunato Fortunato. Added 23/02/2016
'Hell on Earth', by Yolanda Renee. Added 05/01/2016
'Victory?', by Pete Le Lacheur. Added 10/03/2015
'She Hated Churches', by Kim Favors. Added 03/03/2015
'End Zone', by MR Macrum. Added 21/01/2015
'Dirty Divinity', by Dan Watson. Added 11/01/2015
'Eve', by Dan Watson. Added 10/01/2015
'The Atheist - Off To See The Wizard', by Ymous Ymous. Added 08/12/2014
'Ever-Watching', by Dan Watson. Added 20/07/2014
'Binoculous', by James James. Added 13/11/2013
'Polygamy', by Victor Faner. Added 26/09/2013
'The Master', by Darryl Wellington. Added 01/11/2011
'Woven Miracles', by Christian Melhorn. Added 27/07/2011
'Hypocrite', by Christian Melhorn. Added 27/07/2011
'Wages of Sinner', by Christian Melhorn. Added 27/07/2011

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