Stories in Man's Shortest Friend
Man's Shortest Friend. Animals cute and menacing have stories, too. Mostly very short in nature. There are 114 stories in this genre. To read any story, just click its title - you'll then have a chance to vote on it if you are a contributor.

'The Would Be Hero', by Hannah Perrin. Added 15/06/2010
'A Lose-Lose-Lose Situation', by Hannah Perrin. Added 14/06/2010
'Nice and slow-2', by Willem Ruigrok. Added 25/05/2010
'Life is Dirty Business', by Melancholy Dreamer. Added 23/05/2010
'Cold wet goodness', by Vanessa Dickason. Added 20/05/2010
'Mother', by Rishit Neogi. Added 17/05/2010
'Skid Row', by Paul de Denus. Added 11/05/2010
'Elephant and Hassle.', by Sunil Glen. Added 06/04/2010
'The Avalanche', by A. Ozan Iscan. Added 24/03/2010
'Substitute For Loneliness', by Richard Pierce. Added 23/02/2010
'Flies', by Mikell Perrotti. Added 26/01/2010
'Love in the Nick of Time', by Kim Favors. Added 09/01/2010
'Dog's Pavlov', by CJ Beck. Added 09/10/2009
'Basic Increments', by Owen Brown. Added 12/09/2009
'Could suck start a leaf blower', by jordan simmons. Added 22/04/2009
'Better Luck Next Time', by amy broman. Added 20/03/2009
'Feline Revenge', by tigon titian. Added 23/02/2009
'Stuffed Crab', by tigon titian. Added 23/02/2009
'Your Right Could Wrong You', by Kingsley Kobo. Added 29/12/2008
'There's a Sad Little Farm Somewhere', by tigon titian. Added 26/12/2008
'Doggy Daydreams', by tigon titian. Added 26/12/2008
'Max', by Jonny Goodwin. Added 14/12/2008
'Little Things Need Love Too', by Craig Kilgo. Added 21/11/2008
'When the Snackmaster Calls', by Kim Favors. Added 09/11/2008
'Attack!!!', by Rene Nicholas. Added 01/09/2008
'(Lady)bird watching.', by Jennifer Warren. Added 05/05/2008
'Open Season', by Rene Nicholas. Added 15/04/2008
'The 3 Minute Swim Lesson', by Ron Ponder. Added 10/04/2008
'Lawnmower Safety Tips', by Ron Ponder. Added 01/04/2008
'Bushy tails', by Jay Stevol. Added 23/03/2008
'Naught but true', by Nigel King. Added 06/03/2008
'Stranger at a wedding', by Andy Knudsen. Added 25/02/2008
'Stoner', by Tarl Bernard. Added 25/01/2008
'Woof, Woof Says the Wingman', by Kim Favors. Added 13/01/2008
'Somebody's Gonna Have to Go', by Gail Lynes. Added 04/11/2007
'Can't We All Just Get Along?', by Gail Lynes. Added 04/11/2007
'But you have to think of the overtime pay', by Will Robot. Added 29/10/2007
'Kitty Love', by Melinda Gonzalez. Added 08/08/2007
'yes yes', by Roland Labruyere. Added 05/07/2007
'Oops! My bad...', by Danielle Perichon. Added 29/05/2007
'Late Night at the Library', by Biljana Petrova. Added 06/04/2007
'Serious Warning', by Biljana Petrova. Added 05/04/2007
'Goodbye to Pixie', by Mariah Wilson. Added 13/03/2007
'Still Life', by Biljana Petrova. Added 07/03/2007
'Swift Exit', by Andy Knudsen. Added 06/03/2007

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