Stories in Man's Shortest Friend
Man's Shortest Friend. Animals cute and menacing have stories, too. Mostly very short in nature. There are 114 stories in this genre. To read any story, just click its title - you'll then have a chance to vote on it if you are a contributor.

'Dog Dilemma', by Karen Probert. Added 10/11/2016
'Looking to See', by Mark Haase. Added 23/07/2015
'Symbiosis', by Krystyna Fedosejevs. Added 30/03/2015
'Endless Struggle', by Adam Martin. Added 03/02/2015
'Finally Ashore', by Sarah Vernetti. Added 17/12/2014
'HISTORY', by Abdul Rasheed OM. Added 28/11/2014
'The Cage', by Staehle Staehle. Added 08/05/2014
'Startling Discovery', by benjamin sTone. Added 18/11/2013
'The spectator', by Maria O' Leary. Added 21/07/2013
'In Need of Rescue', by J.L. McKinnon. Added 25/03/2013
'Roll Over!', by Devin Swatman-Stewart. Added 11/01/2013
'11:11', by Jack Dean. Added 01/01/2013
'Electric Chair', by Willem Ruigrok. Added 18/10/2012
'Tradition', by Richard Pierce. Added 13/04/2012
'To do list:', by Tawny Rogers. Added 16/11/2011
'The Caffeine Bandit', by Jason Reid. Added 21/10/2011
'Litterbox Contents', by Christian Melhorn. Added 27/07/2011
'Cat Lover', by Christian Melhorn. Added 27/07/2011
'Evidence', by Christian Melhorn. Added 27/07/2011
'From a Noble Steed', by Lauren Schmitt. Added 16/07/2011
'Blame Game', by Lee Stoops. Added 31/05/2011
'L'ours Polaire Et Le Kangourou', by Emmanuel Stone. Added 15/05/2011
'The Digestive System's Best Friend', by Emmanuel Stone. Added 11/05/2011
'The Rogue', by James Mitchener. Added 26/04/2011
'Delicious', by Sarah Novaczech. Added 24/03/2011
'Good Boy', by Ryan Pfeffer. Added 28/02/2011
'A Dog's Life', by James Walpole. Added 27/02/2011
'You Love Me For My Bacon', by Danger Masar. Added 10/02/2011
'Of Baboons and Buffoonery', by Paul Myers. Added 21/01/2011
'Man's Worst Friend', by Paul Myers. Added 18/01/2011
'Ambition', by Acacia Rose. Added 11/01/2011
'Incorrigible Explorer', by Paul Myers. Added 08/01/2011
'Misadventures of Agamemnon (Part 5)', by Weather Girl. Added 06/01/2011
'Misadventures of Agamemnon (Part 4)', by Weather Girl. Added 06/01/2011
'Misadventures of Agamemnon (Part 3)', by Weather Girl. Added 06/01/2011
'Misadventures of Agamemnon (Part 2)', by Weather Girl. Added 06/01/2011
'Misadventures of Agamemnon (Part 1)', by Weather Girl. Added 06/01/2011
'Year of the Dog', by Weather Girl. Added 06/01/2011
'If Dogs Were Therapists', by Kim Favors. Added 01/12/2010
'One on the Highway is Worth Two on the Lot.', by Colin Fraser. Added 19/11/2010
'Sex Without Remorse and Vice Versa', by Stephen Cookson. Added 26/10/2010
'Buzz', by Ian Vehrmt. Added 14/07/2010
'First and Last Words So Often Coinside ', by Sven Walker. Added 10/07/2010
'Death Chase', by Adhish Zaveri. Added 22/06/2010
'The Would Be Hero', by Hannah Perrin. Added 15/06/2010

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