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Short on luck. The trouble with luck is that there's not enough of it to go around. There are 300 stories in this genre. To read any story, just click its title - you'll then have a chance to vote on it if you are a contributor.

'It Happened in Detroit', by Rivka Willick. Added 27/05/2011
'TseTse, Actually', by Lee Stoops. Added 26/05/2011
'Child's Play', by Emmanuel Stone. Added 11/05/2011
'Ignored', by Sampson Cartier. Added 05/05/2011
'Chinese Beta Suicide ', by Brittany Michelson. Added 23/04/2011
'Dubstep Dreams', by Jamie Coleman. Added 15/04/2011
'I still lay awake at night', by Mathew Fey. Added 15/04/2011
'Responsibility', by Dyllan Furness. Added 14/04/2011
'Whirlwind of Emotions', by Kayleigh Cunningham. Added 09/04/2011
'Feels like Falling', by Paul Myers. Added 30/03/2011
'Forever Optimist', by Sarah Novaczech. Added 24/03/2011
'More or Less the Same', by Jamie Loftus. Added 11/03/2011
'Click', by Yaqut Kabil. Added 20/02/2011
'What a good year for the roses', by Willem Ruigrok. Added 10/02/2011
'A's worth B's worth C's', by Danger Masar. Added 31/01/2011
'Beware the Shooting Star!', by Paul Myers. Added 13/01/2011
'The Distraction', by Christian Westbrook. Added 10/01/2011
'Freedom. ', by Erin O'Shannessy. Added 24/12/2010
'When Reality Strikes, Fear Conquers', by hollow heart. Added 28/11/2010
'50c', by Christian X. Added 05/11/2010
'Pink Eye ', by jade black. Added 27/10/2010
'Yes or No?', by Kayleigh Cunningham. Added 22/10/2010
'True story', by Christian X. Added 04/10/2010
'The Beard Story', by Joaquin Bojorquez. Added 29/09/2010
'Oops', by Kayleigh Cunningham. Added 26/09/2010
'The Stepper', by Brian Strunk. Added 20/09/2010
'Honorable Suicide', by Adam Scott. Added 02/09/2010
'I love You', by hollow heart. Added 01/09/2010
'Mining disaster', by Willem Ruigrok. Added 31/08/2010
'Teenage Treats', by Michael Knagge. Added 16/07/2010
'Soft Steps.', by Viktoria Michaelis. Added 11/07/2010
'I Smell Bacon.', by Ian Mitchell. Added 05/07/2010
'Here's a tip', by Arch M. Added 29/06/2010
'Procrastination', by Kayleigh Cunningham. Added 23/06/2010
'Moments in Time', by Kayleigh Cunningham. Added 18/06/2010
'Philosophy', by Brian Shellenberger. Added 16/06/2010
'Genies are too literal', by Hannah Perrin. Added 14/06/2010
'When life won't quit handing you lemons', by Amanda Potts. Added 13/06/2010
'Sorry, but....', by Randall Simpson. Added 09/06/2010
'Dark Room', by Randall Simpson. Added 09/06/2010
'Office Drone', by Vanessa Dickason. Added 07/06/2010
'Damsel not so much in distress', by Vanessa Dickason. Added 07/06/2010
'Striking Gold', by cheong kash. Added 31/05/2010
'Paralyzed Prerogative', by Giavanna Zannino-Peppe. Added 31/05/2010
'The Gold Chain', by Adhish Zaveri. Added 31/05/2010

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