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Short on luck. The trouble with luck is that there's not enough of it to go around. There are 300 stories in this genre. To read any story, just click its title - you'll then have a chance to vote on it if you are a contributor.

'Defiant Until the End', by Daniel Slaten. Added 27/02/2017
'Spoken from the Heart', by Krystyna Fedosejevs. Added 06/01/2017
'Vacation ', by fetherolf fetherolf. Added 19/12/2016
'The Applicant', by Frederick Frederick. Added 27/09/2016
'I am not missed!', by Bhavna Khemlani. Added 27/04/2016
'The Procrastinator ', by Anna Sanderson. Added 02/03/2016
'Virtually Incompatible', by C. B.. Added 24/02/2016
'How He Spent His Vacation', by Daniel Slaten. Added 10/02/2016
'Political Mistake', by Yolanda Renee. Added 08/02/2016
'Klutzy', by Krystyna Fedosejevs. Added 04/02/2016
'Giving & Receiving', by Yolanda Renee. Added 05/01/2016
'Sidelined', by Daniel Slaten. Added 18/12/2015
'A Dirty Clean', by Carolyn Julia Brown. Added 06/11/2015
'Love Triangle', by Krystyna Fedosejevs. Added 10/08/2015
'The Choice', by Sonea May. Added 09/08/2015
'Game On!', by Michelle Wallace. Added 29/07/2015
'The Promised Land', by Willem Ruigrok. Added 24/07/2015
'Suspended in Limbo', by Krystyna Fedosejevs. Added 28/03/2015
'There's no app for that.', by McColl McColl. Added 25/03/2015
'Meander', by Willem Ruigrok. Added 25/03/2015
'Misdirected', by Krystyna Fedosejevs. Added 06/03/2015
'The Longest Walk', by Adam Martin. Added 17/02/2015
'Ocean's Promise', by Tyrean Martinson. Added 15/02/2015
'The Getaway Car', by Adam Martin. Added 29/01/2015
'I Can Hold It?', by Dan Watson. Added 17/01/2015
'Adventurer', by Krystyna Fedosejevs. Added 14/01/2015
'Milk N Bread', by Abdul Rasheed OM. Added 28/11/2014
'Ancient Maya', by Dan Watson. Added 20/08/2014
'Open Mic Night', by Dan Watson. Added 20/08/2014
'You Are What You Eat', by Dan Watson. Added 23/07/2014
'The Learning', by Ymous Ymous. Added 13/05/2014
'Stranger in Paradise', by Willem Ruigrok. Added 30/04/2014
'Wicker Basket', by Brakebill Brakebill. Added 21/03/2014
'Never Should Have Asked', by hollow heart. Added 26/02/2014
'Dark Knight', by MarĂ­a Elena Cruzcampo. Added 08/02/2014
'The professional pessimist', by Gomm Gomm. Added 07/01/2014
'Emptiness', by Willem Ruigrok. Added 19/11/2013
'Love found, love lost', by Dippenaar Dippenaar. Added 13/10/2013
'ENOUGH OF THIS LIFE', by kalipa kalipa. Added 30/09/2013
'Beyond redemption', by Willem Ruigrok. Added 20/09/2013
'The Dagger's Edge', by Soumyo Ghosh. Added 14/09/2013
'Last Words', by Dan Watson. Added 13/06/2013
'Western Union', by Willem Ruigrok. Added 09/06/2013
'Fatal Attraction', by Willem Ruigrok. Added 02/05/2013
'Under Pressure', by Willem Ruigrok. Added 11/03/2013

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