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Bitesize Inspirations. Leave your small crushed diamonds of wisdom here to inspire someone's day. But maintain the narrative! There are 155 stories in this genre. To read any story, just click its title - you'll then have a chance to vote on it if you are a contributor.

'Words', by Mister Hudson. Added 29/11/2009
'Time', by Mandy Barnett. Added 30/10/2009
'Boxes', by C Thomas. Added 06/10/2009
'Everything is different all the time', by C Thomas. Added 05/10/2009
'famous!', by jase argonaut. Added 24/09/2009
'famous!', by jase argonaut. Added 20/09/2009
'Hope', by Melinda Gonzalez. Added 08/09/2009
'Narcissus, 1:1-2', by William Reschke. Added 27/07/2009
'Blocked', by Debra Twardowski. Added 06/05/2009
'The Years', by Fewa Josol. Added 11/10/2008
'I do not promise!', by Joan Mahaffy. Added 29/09/2008
'It coexists until you opt to settle for the latter', by Tara Valencia. Added 23/09/2008
'Cake Walk', by christopher reilly. Added 11/08/2008
'"What's It All About Ralphie?"', by Richard Pierce. Added 02/06/2008
'Made New', by Shonell Bacon. Added 01/06/2008
'Life is Short', by Rob Stanley. Added 27/03/2008
'Life Hung by a Thread', by Ann Ballard. Added 01/03/2008
'Determination Diet', by F.J. Bergmann. Added 16/12/2007
'Beginning, middle, end', by Rosemary K. West. Added 24/08/2007
'Illicit pleasures', by Kate Leech. Added 16/08/2007
'No Martinis for Me!', by Kate Leech. Added 15/08/2007
'The Easy Way', by Elizabeth Claire. Added 24/06/2007
'Self', by Danét Palmer. Added 11/05/2007
'The World Around Me', by jake gerarty. Added 04/05/2007
'Downsizing Neverland', by John Evans. Added 30/04/2007
'A Late Life Discovery', by Cathy Keough. Added 13/04/2007
'Lost in Translation', by rebekah moon. Added 10/04/2007
'You are not alone', by Biljana Petrova. Added 05/04/2007
'Remake', by Paul Matthis. Added 02/03/2007
'Fatal love', by Giulio Pianese. Added 26/11/2006
'I'm with stupid.', by Grant Sanders. Added 07/11/2006
'This kid should run for office.', by Clever Pename. Added 09/07/2006
'mouldyum', by gareth whiteley. Added 29/06/2006
'Torta King', by Joaquin Bojorquez. Added 16/06/2006
'Seven O'Clock', by Isabel Feliz. Added 08/06/2006
'The Next Morning', by Isabel Feliz. Added 02/06/2006
'Stomach Bug', by Cathy Keough. Added 18/04/2006
'Brokeback Cupcake', by Victor Martins. Added 07/03/2006
'glutton.', by rufus mimester. Added 06/03/2006
'so hungry...', by rufus mimester. Added 06/03/2006
'Deli Dialemma', by Sarah Freymiller. Added 15/02/2006
'The Answer... Lost', by Sarah Freymiller. Added 10/02/2006
'"Martinis For Everyone!"', by Richard Pierce. Added 03/01/2006
'A bit later', by Giulio Pianese. Added 03/12/2005
'Inksey Spinksey Spider', by George Gallocker. Added 04/11/2005

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