Stories in Short Holidays
Short Holidays. Tales of cheer and woe from those thankfully brief holidays. There are 93 stories in this genre. To read any story, just click its title - you'll then have a chance to vote on it if you are a contributor.

'Another Christmas by the Book', by Highway Runner. Added 20/02/2016
'Doors Open For Dessert', by Tyrean Martinson. Added 27/11/2014
'Smoke', by Bean Bean. Added 24/07/2012
'Breezy Saturday ', by King King. Added 23/07/2012
'Christmas Shopping', by Sarah Morrison. Added 21/11/2011
'Blizzard of Cards', by Emmanuel Stone. Added 30/05/2011
'Enabler', by Marlene Ashley. Added 24/12/2010
'Bah', by Devin Swatman-Stewart. Added 11/12/2010
'Fear of Flying', by Harrison Potasnik. Added 23/11/2010
'Subordinate Claus', by Steven Stehle. Added 30/08/2010
'The great hang-up', by cheong kash. Added 31/05/2010
'Christmas Dreams', by Jesse Tzeng. Added 30/04/2010
'Quarter to three', by Annamay Gambino. Added 26/02/2010
'SeaSide', by Mandy Barnett. Added 27/10/2009
'Roughing It', by Bernard Jansen. Added 13/10/2009
'Duck Shoot', by Karen Probert. Added 05/10/2009
'Eternal Summer Days', by James Harding. Added 28/09/2009
'A Summer Evening, Lower Manhattan, 2008', by Shaul Hendel. Added 14/04/2009
'Silver service', by Sacha Perko. Added 01/11/2008
'5:44 to Grantham', by Sacha Perko. Added 01/11/2008
'Touched', by Fewa Josol. Added 11/10/2008
'A Day Out', by Beckett Graham. Added 26/09/2008
'Damn That Private Education!', by Beckett Graham. Added 26/09/2008
'We're Gonna Make It', by Wm Voelker. Added 02/09/2008
'Sea Fishing', by David Thomas. Added 24/05/2008
'A Friendly Traveler's Guide', by Jay Stevol. Added 20/03/2008
'The Holiday Crash', by Joaquin Bojorquez. Added 03/01/2008
'Returning From Grandma's', by Rene Nicholas. Added 22/12/2007
'Some Party', by Jiminy Rockefeller Plaza. Added 06/12/2007
'Mistaken Identity', by Mick Mather. Added 07/11/2007
'travelling not running', by Lady Q. Added 10/08/2007
'The Holiday', by Steve Kirkwood. Added 12/06/2007
'After Surgery', by Joan Mahaffy. Added 27/05/2007
'A head start.', by Romily Johns. Added 24/05/2007
'Christmas Cat', by Liz Brooks. Added 19/12/2006
'Envy's Christmas', by Debra Twardowski. Added 04/12/2006
'Fate is a four letter word', by Lady Q. Added 30/07/2006
'Captain Romance', by M.T. Dierbeck. Added 04/05/2006
'Clubs abroad', by Gregorys Mode. Added 05/02/2006
'Vacation', by Shel Ottesen. Added 02/02/2006
'Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover', by Hari Kari. Added 27/01/2006
'Meeting by Carol-Light', by Ann Ballard. Added 26/11/2005
'Thanksgiving with Friends', by Ann Ballard. Added 25/11/2005
'Run from the Shadows', by Mick Mather. Added 10/11/2005
'A.A.', by rosemary Bosso. Added 13/09/2005

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