Stories in Minor introspections
Minor introspections. Navel-gazing, inward-looking, self-actuated bits of inner monologue like half-remembered moments and memories. There are 493 stories in this genre. To read any story, just click its title - you'll then have a chance to vote on it if you are a contributor.

'My Own Private Yonkers', by Annamay Gambino. Added 18/11/2005
'"Strengths and Weaknesses"', by Mick Mather. Added 13/11/2005
'Forgot Who I Am', by Joan Mahaffy. Added 04/10/2005
'Lonely In A Crowd', by Kelly G. Added 30/09/2005
'Light at the End of the Tunnel', by Kim Favors. Added 23/09/2005
'musing anecdote', by Lily Silverheart. Added 20/08/2005
'The Histrionic Thinks...', by rufus mimester. Added 07/08/2005
'arch-enemies/ bosom buddies', by Lily Silverheart. Added 05/08/2005
'Denver: Humans versus pit bills: 150 deaths so far.', by Lily Silverheart. Added 05/08/2005
'And D is for Dysfunction', by Kim Favors. Added 02/08/2005
'Knowledge Logic', by Glenn McGaha Miller. Added 01/08/2005
'The Histrionic Thinks...', by rufus mimester. Added 31/07/2005
'The Histrionic Thinks...', by rufus mimester. Added 31/07/2005
'Now that I'm grown up', by Keith Stevens. Added 26/07/2005
'Strange Days', by Daniel Andersson. Added 17/07/2005
'All of a Sudden, Feeling Old', by Colin Hall. Added 28/06/2005
'June 24, 2005, Saturday. (well-rehearsed )', by rufus mimester. Added 26/06/2005
'Whatever it takes', by Joan Mahaffy. Added 30/05/2005
'The idealized world versus the Now', by Melinda Gonzalez. Added 29/04/2005
'The Analyst's Couch', by richard schied. Added 28/04/2005
'When the Walrus knocks', by Joe Weinberg. Added 27/04/2005
'"not un-wise-lee but two Well"', by Lily Silverheart. Added 25/04/2005
'slave to the beat.', by rufus mimester. Added 16/04/2005
'Elephant', by micki mcclelland. Added 15/04/2005
'"U-turn" at the bedroom door', by Liger Channeler. Added 13/04/2005
'The Espresso Story', by ayesha sabat. Added 11/04/2005
'First Things First', by richard schied. Added 11/04/2005
'3AM', by Liger Channeler. Added 09/04/2005
'The talking fish', by Liger Channeler. Added 07/04/2005
'Pain', by Derek Jeffrey. Added 02/04/2005
'if he only knew..', by Martin Fernando. Added 29/03/2005
'Allergic to whimsy', by Jamie Jones. Added 25/03/2005
'vacant house', by Liger Channeler. Added 23/03/2005
'Indecision', by richard schied. Added 23/03/2005
'Souvenirs', by R. Stewart. Added 14/03/2005
'If', by R. Stewart. Added 08/03/2005
'Yard Sale Volunteers', by Liger Channeler. Added 07/03/2005
'The World's Former Best-Kept Secret', by Martin Fernando. Added 04/03/2005
'Powers of Observation', by Eileen McVey. Added 04/03/2005
'Who or What are you looking at?', by Liger Channeler. Added 21/02/2005
'', by tigon titian. Added 18/02/2005
'Bottom feeders', by tigon titian. Added 17/02/2005
'Too late', by Michael Möller. Added 16/02/2005
'A Folktale', by Eileen McVey. Added 15/02/2005
'A good jew', by Joe Weinberg. Added 15/02/2005

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