Stories in Minor introspections
Minor introspections. Navel-gazing, inward-looking, self-actuated bits of inner monologue like half-remembered moments and memories. There are 493 stories in this genre. To read any story, just click its title - you'll then have a chance to vote on it if you are a contributor.

'Birth', by Gregorys Mode. Added 02/09/2006
'Where's Frost When You Need Him?', by William Reschke. Added 28/08/2006
'Empty Chairs', by Joan Mahaffy. Added 24/08/2006
'Loneliness', by S J Roland. Added 31/07/2006
'dangerous games', by i zocho. Added 30/06/2006
'nested fault', by gareth whiteley. Added 29/06/2006
'Smoker', by Joaquin Bojorquez. Added 19/06/2006
'How Do I Reach You?', by Mick Mather. Added 18/06/2006
'Tolerance Level', by M.T. Dierbeck. Added 01/06/2006
'Brilliant!', by M.T. Dierbeck. Added 01/06/2006
'Left To Twist In The Wind', by Mick Mather. Added 29/05/2006
'untitled', by Lily Silverheart. Added 21/05/2006
'Who's Sorry Now', by Mick Mather. Added 20/05/2006
'for dante', by Lily Silverheart. Added 18/05/2006
'Alone in a crowded mind', by Shel Ottesen. Added 14/05/2006
'Man's Bestest Friend', by M.T. Dierbeck. Added 30/04/2006
'Do You See What I See?', by M.T. Dierbeck. Added 30/04/2006
'Medical Goals', by M.T. Dierbeck. Added 17/04/2006
'The Dance', by Melinda Gonzalez. Added 31/03/2006
'Shimmy', by Melinda Gonzalez. Added 31/03/2006
'Countdown', by David Benson. Added 04/03/2006
'Done talking', by Steve Eddy. Added 03/03/2006
'Still Trying', by Sarah Freymiller. Added 27/02/2006
'I never really tried...', by Katy Taylor. Added 15/02/2006
'Seeing the Light', by Mick Mather. Added 13/02/2006
'lamentations', by Lily Silverheart. Added 13/02/2006
'The True Art', by john maio. Added 10/02/2006
'Meaningless', by Sarah Freymiller. Added 09/02/2006
'upon returning', by Gianni Grassi. Added 05/02/2006
'The Modern Life (and Death)', by ronny kerr. Added 31/01/2006
'Disco Downloads', by Hari Kari. Added 26/01/2006
'Smoke rings dissipate', by Miko Bantigue. Added 23/01/2006
'Gut punch', by Erik Justus Paiewonsky. Added 19/01/2006
'GOVERNMENTMEDIALIFEJOBSCHOOLMONEY', by ronny kerr. Added 19/01/2006
'I had to write to stop the tears', by Tanya Corchado. Added 05/01/2006
'What Did She Say?', by Brian Fergel. Added 28/12/2005
'Realization', by su suible. Added 23/12/2005
'Warmer December', by Paul B. Added 22/12/2005
'Undercover', by Mick Mather. Added 29/11/2005
'Should he wear black?', by Lara Martin. Added 29/11/2005
'Finding Mariah', by Ann Ballard. Added 29/11/2005
'Dim Wit', by Annamay Gambino. Added 22/11/2005
'Spy Glasses', by Annamay Gambino. Added 21/11/2005
'Deliver Me from the Cotton Fields', by Ann Ballard. Added 21/11/2005
'Attractive?', by Ann Ballard. Added 21/11/2005

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