Stories in Minor introspections
Minor introspections. Navel-gazing, inward-looking, self-actuated bits of inner monologue like half-remembered moments and memories. There are 493 stories in this genre. To read any story, just click its title - you'll then have a chance to vote on it if you are a contributor.

'Six Degrees', by Catie Kitts. Added 25/10/2016
'Hour glass', by Catie Kitts. Added 24/10/2016
'Lullaby', by Catie Kitts. Added 24/10/2016
''Water, Water, Everywhere'', by Mick Mather. Added 03/10/2016
'Her Starring Role', by Highway Runner. Added 20/02/2016
'Don't Bother Me', by Yolanda Renee. Added 05/09/2015
'Shame', by Tyrean Martinson. Added 12/07/2015
'Family', by Ventura Ventura. Added 14/06/2015
'Too late to go back', by Navishkar Rao. Added 18/03/2015
'Unsatisfactory', by Dan Watson. Added 06/02/2015
'Time Traveler', by Carter Deems. Added 01/02/2015
'In the end', by Navishkar Rao. Added 27/01/2015
'Mask of Books', by Dan Watson. Added 25/01/2015
'Stranger, Class of '68', by Kim Favors. Added 17/10/2014
'Understanding The Sexes', by David Benson. Added 25/07/2014
'Life Condensed', by David Benson. Added 17/07/2014
'Cot', by Neil Chue Hong. Added 29/05/2014
'Goodbyes', by Contois Contois. Added 08/05/2014
'Happiness in the darkness of life', by Contois Contois. Added 08/05/2014
'Exercise !', by Abu Sulaiman. Added 12/03/2014
'Plato's Cave', by Willem Ruigrok. Added 19/11/2013
'An Ode to my Lack of Poetry', by David Nelson. Added 03/10/2013
'Where’s the Beef?', by Emilee Prado. Added 07/05/2013
'Too Soon', by Emilee Prado. Added 17/01/2013
'2008', by Noah Silver. Added 10/01/2013
'Boot Cut', by Joaquin Bojorquez. Added 19/12/2012
'Heart on your Sleeve', by Richard Montoya. Added 12/12/2012
'A History of Faith', by Darryl Wellington. Added 31/10/2012
'Movement', by George Geder. Added 27/08/2012
'Oh, the memories!', by King King. Added 23/07/2012
'Reincarnate', by Venus in scorpio. Added 31/05/2012
'Past Life', by Venus in scorpio. Added 29/05/2012
'Her Face', by Venus in scorpio. Added 25/05/2012
'The Peril of TV', by Alexander Tangidy. Added 24/05/2012
'Feel', by Venus in scorpio. Added 23/05/2012
'Little Girl Lost', by Venus in scorpio. Added 23/05/2012
'A Well Examined Life', by Mick Mather. Added 01/05/2012
'We change ', by Steve Ginty. Added 25/01/2012
'Different Perspectives ', by Ian Glass. Added 04/01/2012
'The Christening', by Margaret Sessa-Hawkins. Added 30/11/2011
'808s and...', by The Third Murderer. Added 27/11/2011
'The best is yet to come', by Willem Ruigrok. Added 11/11/2011
'Keyboard Lust', by Ben Storey. Added 19/08/2011
'Walk', by Christian Melhorn. Added 27/07/2011
'Out of Bristol', by Christian Melhorn. Added 27/07/2011

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