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Saw Bellow. Lit 101 - introspective stuff of a serious or not-so-serious nature. There are 58 stories in this genre. To read any story, just click its title - you'll then have a chance to vote on it if you are a contributor.

'Watch it', by Anthony Roldan. Added 10/10/2016
'Saturday date with friends', by hollow heart. Added 29/07/2014
'Sing Me No Sad Songs', by J.L. McKinnon. Added 25/03/2011
'Writing what you (don't) know', by Amanda Potts. Added 13/06/2010
'thanks dad', by Ivonne Castillo Goche. Added 03/06/2010
'Leslie's Ritual', by Matthew Goss. Added 21/04/2010
'What the Ice Left Behind', by Paul Hankins. Added 24/06/2009
'Listening', by William Reschke. Added 17/05/2009
'Art Imitates Life', by Melinda Gonzalez. Added 17/02/2009
'Theo Exhales', by Gayla Chaney. Added 27/01/2009
'Night', by Mick Mather. Added 08/01/2009
'Last Day of Summer', by todd frei. Added 07/12/2008
'Final words', by todd frei. Added 05/09/2008
'Great Thinkers Think Alike?', by Sullivan Gull. Added 08/08/2007
'Death', by Akinjute Peter Olusola. Added 26/05/2007
'Birth of the Blues', by William Reschke. Added 15/03/2007
'Practically', by N McClure. Added 31/07/2006
'The Death of Jack Daniels', by Michael McCook. Added 03/05/2006
'Football in Front of the Apartment', by Matt Willmott. Added 22/04/2006
'So Very, Very Close', by Keith Sheasley. Added 09/04/2006
'Darwin Reincarnate', by Cathy Keough. Added 08/03/2006
'Posing', by Cathy Keough. Added 07/03/2006
'Write Right', by David Benson. Added 22/02/2006
'Even More Addicted', by Sarah Freymiller. Added 09/02/2006
'Diagnosis unknown', by Shel Ottesen. Added 31/01/2006
'Tatiana Wisla...', by rufus mimester. Added 24/09/2005
'Coffee or Booze', by benjamin sTone. Added 28/07/2005
'Split-Level off the One-Eleven East Exit', by Christopher Weil. Added 22/03/2005
'Sorry, Wrong Number', by R. Stewart. Added 02/03/2005
'Not with a Bang', by Gordon De Land. Added 01/03/2005
'Feminnot', by Liger Channeler. Added 12/01/2005
'The Color Patience', by Gordon De Land. Added 08/01/2005
'IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER', by Francie Druyor. Added 06/01/2005
'Haiku?', by Kate Leech. Added 21/12/2004
'"Parkway Panhandler"', by Fox Mackenzie. Added 04/12/2004
'The Accidental Plagiarist', by Dauphne Trenholm. Added 02/12/2004
'The Best Kind of Friend', by Charlie Danger. Added 28/10/2004
'little act of literature', by Ron Blake. Added 17/10/2004
'Disposable Chronicler', by O Z. Added 01/09/2004
'SAD garden', by Lily Silverheart. Added 18/07/2004
'Stand By Me', by Liz Reynolds. Added 27/06/2004
'Can't Be Bought, Nor Achieved', by Liz Reynolds. Added 24/06/2004
'Loss', by Joan Mahaffy. Added 08/06/2004
'The secret to writing....', by Steph Gutierrez. Added 04/06/2004
'thrift story', by Lily Silverheart. Added 15/05/2004

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