Stories in Spell Realism
Spell Realism. Our equivalent of Magic Realism: dreamlike, Borges-inspired mixes of the mundane with the fantastic. There are 298 stories in this genre. To read any story, just click its title - you'll then have a chance to vote on it if you are a contributor.

'CIVIL WAR', by Kingsley Kobo. Added 22/05/2008
'Childflight', by Jane Shivnan. Added 22/05/2008
'Con-science', by Jennifer Warren. Added 04/05/2008
'Ink blots', by Jiminy Rockefeller Plaza. Added 26/04/2008
'HIV TEST', by Kingsley Kobo. Added 22/04/2008
'SINS', by Kingsley Kobo. Added 21/04/2008
'The philosophers quest for knowledge.', by matthew smyth. Added 20/04/2008
'The Perfect Painting', by Jay Stevol. Added 03/04/2008
'Memories of my reincarnation', by Jay Stevol. Added 01/04/2008
'Morning Regret', by Kenna Josephene. Added 30/03/2008
'Winking Violet', by sophie khadr. Added 11/01/2008
'Faithful to whom', by Rene Nicholas. Added 27/12/2007
'Do You Recognize the Song?', by Rene Nicholas. Added 26/12/2007
'The Death of Me', by Rene Nicholas. Added 25/12/2007
'Heart Cries', by Rene Nicholas. Added 25/12/2007
'Stark Realization', by Rene Nicholas. Added 24/12/2007
'Storms', by Joan Mahaffy. Added 22/12/2007
'Regrets', by Lady Q. Added 12/12/2007
'You Win Some and You Lose Some', by Mick Mather. Added 12/12/2007
'Surprise', by Joan Mahaffy. Added 18/11/2007
'"Street Meat"', by Michael Sheridan. Added 15/11/2007
'Change in the Weather', by Mick Mather. Added 07/11/2007
'The big turn', by Lady Q. Added 20/10/2007
'The Bible says; She says', by Oluwaseun Ogunbiyi. Added 16/10/2007
'The benevolent teapot', by Patricia Wulf. Added 31/08/2007
'Picture perfect', by paul trow. Added 27/08/2007
'Ask an Obvious Question', by Neal Gomberg. Added 19/08/2007
'Insomnia ', by Lady Q. Added 22/07/2007
'Trails end', by John Gowin. Added 21/06/2007
'Immoveable Object', by Mick Mather. Added 29/05/2007
'An adamant bone', by Oluwaseun Ogunbiyi. Added 26/05/2007
'Welcome to English', by Biljana Petrova. Added 06/05/2007
'Haze of uncertainty', by Danielle Perichon. Added 01/05/2007
'Out of Focus', by Lady Q. Added 20/04/2007
'Freedom', by Danielle Perichon. Added 09/04/2007
'The Silence of Fish', by Biljana Petrova. Added 06/04/2007
'The Hills Have Eyes??', by Melinda Gonzalez. Added 30/03/2007
'Always Read the Label', by Biljana Petrova. Added 22/03/2007
'Female Solidarity', by Biljana Petrova. Added 12/03/2007
'Sacrifice', by Paul Matthis. Added 28/02/2007
'Tarot Credit', by William Reschke. Added 25/01/2007
'Sick Day', by AJ Evans. Added 24/01/2007
'The fence and I', by Isermann Anica. Added 16/01/2007
'Time in the Mage', by Debra Twardowski. Added 10/12/2006
'i should have known', by Ingrid F. Added 04/12/2006

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