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Laughing in the dark. Gallows humor, for those who take it black. Sometimes Jack the Ripper can be a funny guy. There are 354 stories in this genre. To read any story, just click its title - you'll then have a chance to vote on it if you are a contributor.

'Life after death.', by Colin Davey. Added 20/07/2005
'Suburban gardening', by Daniel Andersson. Added 17/07/2005
'tit for tat', by Yosef Bar-On. Added 03/07/2005
'The compounding truth', by Simon Allen. Added 10/06/2005
''greatly exaggerated' rumors of', by Lily Silverheart. Added 10/06/2005
'A surefire recipe', by Yosef Bar-On. Added 09/06/2005
'Who caught who?', by Yosef Bar-On. Added 09/06/2005
'Up! Up and Away!!', by Yosef Bar-On. Added 09/06/2005
'The tooth', by Ronald K. Added 19/05/2005
'The ad said "looking for a Child's eyes."', by Joe Weinberg. Added 03/05/2005
'brogan', by micki mcclelland. Added 28/04/2005
'Coin Toss gets the salad', by tigon titian. Added 07/04/2005
'Batter Up!', by Jeff Graham. Added 31/03/2005
'Cuisine catastrophe', by Yosef Bar-On. Added 29/03/2005
'Enjoy', by Richard Pierce. Added 25/03/2005
'meat your maker', by Liger Channeler. Added 23/03/2005
'It Doesn't Eat Much', by Richard Pierce. Added 23/03/2005
'Folk Remedy', by R. Stewart. Added 09/03/2005
'the insensitive's arterial spray', by tigon titian. Added 05/03/2005
'Missing', by Joe Weinberg. Added 04/03/2005
'Stupid Pet Tricks', by Holly Sullivant. Added 02/03/2005
'Beware of Bozo', by Neal Gomberg. Added 28/02/2005
'The noise comes later', by tigon titian. Added 23/02/2005
'What a Way to Go', by Neal Gomberg. Added 21/02/2005
'I've Had Better Days', by Jordan Becker. Added 15/02/2005
'What a Way To Go', by Empress Vesica. Added 14/02/2005
'curiosity and the red button', by Melinda Gonzalez. Added 11/02/2005
'Stevie Wonder on Rolling Stone Magazine', by Martin Fernando. Added 11/02/2005
'Laffing out loud', by Yosef Bar-On. Added 11/02/2005
'Shocked!', by Dub Tom. Added 09/02/2005
'Thanks, I Needed That', by Neal Gomberg. Added 04/02/2005
'Miles's Near Misses', by Neal Gomberg. Added 03/02/2005
'All because of the Superstitious Hotel Manager', by Yosef Bar-On. Added 01/02/2005
'dim sun', by miriam browneye. Added 01/02/2005
'the thing', by Joe Weinberg. Added 23/01/2005
'What a phone call', by Melinda Gonzalez. Added 23/01/2005
'Happy Days are Here Again!', by Yosef Bar-On. Added 18/01/2005
'Anything can be funny.', by Joe Weinberg. Added 16/01/2005
'Insomnia', by Joe Weinberg. Added 15/01/2005
'1-800-killme', by tigon titian. Added 13/01/2005
'Such a giving person', by tigon titian. Added 12/01/2005
'The Price of Freedom', by Gordon De Land. Added 11/01/2005
'A Pyromaniac for a Tenant', by Eileen McVey. Added 07/01/2005
'Inevitability', by Wesley Chicko. Added 07/01/2005
'Roadkill a la King', by Susan Kubes. Added 07/01/2005

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