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Laughing in the dark. Gallows humor, for those who take it black. Sometimes Jack the Ripper can be a funny guy. There are 354 stories in this genre. To read any story, just click its title - you'll then have a chance to vote on it if you are a contributor.

'Forever the Fuckup', by Mick Theebs. Added 07/06/2011
'Bottled Happiness', by W N Agll. Added 05/06/2011
'Devil's Advocate', by Lee Stoops. Added 31/05/2011
'Beautiful', by LK Tacotta. Added 26/05/2011
'Contract Killer', by Lee Stoops. Added 26/05/2011
'The Irony doesn’t help. ', by Simon Mallon. Added 21/05/2011
'Postpartum Depression', by Brittany Michelson. Added 15/05/2011
'Status Update', by Brittany Michelson. Added 23/04/2011
'Amazon Package of the Damned', by Nicky Marsh. Added 29/03/2011
'Infanticide Sounds So Harsh...', by Danger Masar. Added 24/02/2011
'Sleep Comfort', by Vince Graziela. Added 22/02/2011
'Party Games.', by Colin Fraser. Added 21/02/2011
'Diner Food', by Danger Masar. Added 10/02/2011
'Dateline NBC', by Danger Masar. Added 10/02/2011
'Ponderings from the Precipice', by Danger Masar. Added 01/02/2011
'The Looking Glass', by Christopher Leffler. Added 29/01/2011
'No reason to be afraid', by Devin Swatman-Stewart. Added 12/12/2010
'Apathy At Seven Thirty', by Richard Pierce. Added 28/09/2010
'Beautiful, dirty, rich...', by Maria King-Koroleva. Added 19/09/2010
'Take A Better Look, My Friend', by Brandon Penney. Added 01/09/2010
'Apathy.', by Kate Workman. Added 26/08/2010
'A shot in the dark', by Russ Asson. Added 06/08/2010
'Mother Knows Best', by Elle Bane. Added 06/08/2010
'Not for the Birds', by Elle Bane. Added 06/08/2010
'The U Bottle', by Brandon Penney. Added 31/07/2010
'Bittersweet Love', by Adhish Zaveri. Added 30/07/2010
'First Time', by hollow heart. Added 20/07/2010
'Borderless Smile', by Abdul Rasheed OM. Added 15/07/2010
'Cheating', by Mick Theebs. Added 04/07/2010
'Schiz', by Kayleigh Cunningham. Added 18/06/2010
'Sympathy Pains', by Hannah Perrin. Added 14/06/2010
'Curiosity Kills Me', by Hannah Perrin. Added 14/06/2010
'Chocolate', by Nicole Layla. Added 13/06/2010
'Addictions', by Kayleigh Cunningham. Added 07/06/2010
'Radio', by Namaah Kumar. Added 06/06/2010
'Worth', by Molly Broscoe. Added 05/06/2010
'In a moment', by Mario BIancalana. Added 02/06/2010
'On a Short Leash', by Melancholy Dreamer. Added 23/05/2010
'That's what you get for being a douche', by Vanessa Dickason. Added 20/05/2010
'The Chair', by Nate M. Added 12/05/2010
'Honest Mistake', by Brian Shellenberger. Added 11/05/2010
'It's OK.', by Kate Georgia. Added 29/04/2010
'To the two drunk men outside my window on 11/14/09 at 1AM', by Chadwick Hildebrandt. Added 21/04/2010
'Passive Reading', by A. Ozan Iscan. Added 16/04/2010
'Is there sex after children?', by Maria King-Koroleva. Added 09/02/2010

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