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Future Classic. Classic science fiction in the manner of Asimov, Clarke, Anderson, Heinlein, and Bester. There are 91 stories in this genre. To read any story, just click its title - you'll then have a chance to vote on it if you are a contributor.

'Them', by J. Keep. Added 08/06/2016
'Termination', by Dan Watson. Added 02/01/2015
'Cloud Download', by Tyrean Martinson. Added 01/10/2014
'Night Photo', by Dan Watson. Added 12/08/2014
'the weather', by mirella navarrete. Added 08/05/2014
'Modulated Shimmer', by Abu Sulaiman. Added 19/03/2014
'Meeting the Parents', by Julie M Rodriguez. Added 14/01/2014
'The Lovelorn Inventor', by Julie M Rodriguez. Added 14/01/2014
'Two Black and Tans, Please.', by Madeline Maher. Added 13/09/2013
'The Vessel', by Gayle Beveridge. Added 09/09/2012
'Changing Times', by Gayle Beveridge. Added 14/08/2012
'Unfathomable You', by Venus in scorpio. Added 07/05/2012
'Broken Record At The Best Part', by Adam Scott. Added 26/01/2012
'Precious Goodbyes', by Tawny Rogers. Added 15/11/2011
'Unexpected Developments', by David Nelson. Added 02/04/2011
'My Vision of a Utopian Future', by Danger Masar. Added 10/02/2011
'Damn that Space Time Continuum ', by Justine McGreevy. Added 06/01/2011
'Road to Tupelo', by Corbin Went. Added 27/12/2010
'Wage Slave Overlord', by Colin Fraser. Added 19/11/2010
'In the future', by Brian Strunk. Added 05/07/2010
'Not in vain', by trinidad sky. Added 02/05/2010
'Damned Immortality', by Brian Strunk. Added 29/04/2010
'The World', by Sandman Adams. Added 04/02/2010
'New Years Past', by Joaquin Bojorquez. Added 31/12/2009
'The green goldfish', by Daan Kogelmans. Added 31/12/2009
'Alien abduction', by Daan Kogelmans. Added 04/12/2009
'Out of Time', by Kelly Blong. Added 19/09/2009
'Les flirteurs', by Oluwaseun Ogunbiyi. Added 11/08/2009
'Alcohol breath', by Oluwaseun Ogunbiyi. Added 21/07/2009
'The Day the Red Queen Walked', by Kim Favors. Added 09/11/2008
'Just Because the Earth Is a Pile of Smoldering Radioactive Rubble, That’s No Reason to Stop Listening to Your Mother', by R. Stewart. Added 30/06/2008
'It Wasn't Us', by Wm Voelker. Added 01/04/2008
'One Body Many Lives', by Nigel King. Added 18/02/2008
'Stabbed', by Jeremy DeVaughn. Added 29/01/2008
'Battery', by andrew c ferguson. Added 26/12/2007
'All Hail Our Robot Overlords', by Jason Volgrass. Added 17/09/2007
'Too Shy For Comfort', by Mary Johnston. Added 08/10/2006
'helpless', by fat ness. Added 17/09/2006
'The Final Equation', by Robert A. Wells. Added 31/08/2006
'Mister Robutto', by Robert A. Wells. Added 09/08/2006
'Barefoot and aggressive', by Robert A. Wells. Added 09/08/2006
'Folie a Trois', by Robert A. Wells. Added 09/08/2006
'Alien Tails?', by M.T. Dierbeck. Added 03/06/2006
'Gravity is indeed a bitch.', by Benjamin Concepcion. Added 07/03/2006
'He'd Never...', by Benjamin Concepcion. Added 07/03/2006

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