Stories in What the Dickens?
What the Dickens?. Mr Micawber's dream. Taut writing plus a 25-word limit... outcome: a good read. There are 36 stories in this genre. To read any story, just click its title - you'll then have a chance to vote on it if you are a contributor.

'Haunted by Reality', by Tyrean Martinson. Added 09/08/2015
'Jazzed Up', by Krystyna Fedosejevs. Added 04/06/2014
'Not So Fine', by Annamay Gambino. Added 12/02/2013
'Rooster', by Joan Castillo. Added 04/01/2013
'Black Widow', by Willem Ruigrok. Added 16/05/2012
'Tit for tat.', by Christopher Leffler. Added 25/05/2011
'Ghost story', by Corbin Went. Added 27/12/2010
'Identity Crisis', by Kayleigh Cunningham. Added 24/10/2010
'"Really? I thought you were older."', by Bilbo Baggins. Added 03/09/2010
'It's The New Black', by Vaughn Schnelle. Added 28/08/2010
'The Cage', by Zach Ehrlich. Added 20/08/2010
'School Time', by Kayleigh Cunningham. Added 11/07/2010
'One City', by Brian Strunk. Added 05/07/2010
'May we have some more?', by Amanda Potts. Added 13/06/2010
'Universe', by Sandman Adams. Added 05/02/2010
'Heaven', by Sandman Adams. Added 01/02/2010
'A Tale of Two Feelings', by christopher reilly. Added 30/12/2008
'Pol Pot as a Child', by christopher reilly. Added 24/07/2008
'Fortune', by Lance 3D. Added 11/03/2007
'Snack Time', by Tristan Samuelson-Goodfellow. Added 09/10/2006
'The Eyes Have It!', by Debra Twardowski. Added 09/10/2006
'Oliver, with Twist', by Audacious Duck. Added 25/05/2006
'Identity Crisis', by Brian Fergel. Added 28/12/2005
'Pithy', by R. Stewart. Added 04/04/2005
'Alternate Ending #58', by jerry johnson. Added 14/12/2004
'Horribly Stuck', by Melody Platz. Added 28/11/2004
'VISITING', by Joan Mahaffy. Added 26/11/2004
'The mosquito', by Joan Mahaffy. Added 18/07/2004
'Epitaph', by Brenda Ster. Added 08/03/2004
'Aged Wisdom', by Brenda Ster. Added 28/02/2004
'A Sobbing Mess', by Amy Genovesi. Added 20/01/2004
'Snow Scrooge', by Amy Genovesi. Added 10/01/2004
'Home cooking', by Helen Thompson. Added 09/11/2003
'Horseback Riding', by caffeine goddess. Added 04/11/2003
'Regret, Part II', by Connor Coyne. Added 26/10/2003
'Too Soon', by Clayton Hove. Added 08/09/2003

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