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Teen Romance. College football player Brad meets beautiful cheerleader Janet - wonder what'll happen? There are 133 stories in this genre. To read any story, just click its title - you'll then have a chance to vote on it if you are a contributor.

'Some do, some don't.', by Willem Ruigrok. Added 13/02/2016
'Blinded By Love', by Shah Wharton. Added 04/11/2015
'Suitcase of Dreams', by Brakebill Brakebill. Added 03/03/2015
'Waiting', by Zitek Zitek. Added 08/05/2014
'Heartache', by Brakebill Brakebill. Added 21/04/2014
'Hot Stuff', by Willem Ruigrok. Added 04/12/2012
'Distant', by George Geder. Added 03/09/2012
'Note Passed in Algebra Class', by Ed Rivers. Added 28/11/2011
'Unrequited Lust', by Jason Reid. Added 28/09/2011
'Lonely', by Christian Melhorn. Added 27/07/2011
'18 and Up', by Dyllan Furness. Added 14/04/2011
'Text Messages Between Lovers', by Jamie Coleman. Added 11/04/2011
'Like a Virgin', by Ryan Pfeffer. Added 24/03/2011
'Click, Clack', by Ryan Pfeffer. Added 24/03/2011
'Hate to Love', by Ryan Pfeffer. Added 12/03/2011
'Not lovin' it', by Ryan Pfeffer. Added 04/03/2011
'When I Should Have', by James Walpole. Added 27/02/2011
'Sexual In-Your-Endos', by Danger Masar. Added 10/02/2011
'Bar-B-Qued Essence of Life', by Danger Masar. Added 10/02/2011
'Guys Always Self-Sabotage', by Danger Masar. Added 10/02/2011
'Twins', by Benjamin Lehman. Added 09/02/2011
'More Blush', by Benjamin Lehman. Added 27/01/2011
'My little digging boy', by Nyoka Kione. Added 29/10/2010
'Touch', by Viktoria Michaelis. Added 11/07/2010
'Kiss', by Viktoria Michaelis. Added 11/07/2010
'Oops, My Bad', by Lena Sutter. Added 29/06/2010
'"How've you been?" She asked. ', by Bilbo Baggins. Added 27/06/2010
'I Knew It ', by Lizabeth Richardson. Added 20/06/2010
'Glare', by Brian Shellenberger. Added 19/06/2010
'Change of Season', by Lena Sutter. Added 12/06/2010
'Afterthoughts', by C Mag. Added 07/06/2010
'Comparison', by Amanda Leigh. Added 04/06/2010
'Blue Eyes', by Melancholy Dreamer. Added 22/05/2010
'Cowardice', by Carlos Diaz. Added 08/05/2010
'Chemistry', by Eve Maher. Added 29/04/2010
'Evolution of the Butterfly', by Eve Maher. Added 29/04/2010
'Wooing a Feminist', by Eve Maher. Added 29/04/2010
'This chump loved you...', by Brian Strunk. Added 29/04/2010
'I was grateful you turned away', by Lou Toomer. Added 28/04/2010
'Keys and Locks', by Nicole Layla. Added 20/04/2010
'A Backsided Compliment', by Chelsea Curto. Added 19/04/2010
'Love's Never Boring', by Joseph Smalley. Added 19/04/2010
'Obsessions ', by savannah haner. Added 19/04/2010
'forbidden love', by Alexander Tangidy. Added 21/02/2010
'Kiss', by Sandman Adams. Added 01/02/2010

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