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'excuses', by Steph Gutierrez. Added 06/11/2005
'Burned', by Melinda Gonzalez. Added 02/11/2005
'brilliant encounters', by Melinda Gonzalez. Added 02/11/2005
'Talent Scout', by Kelli Craig. Added 01/11/2005
'Accismus', by Kelli Craig. Added 28/10/2005
'Wonderland Ballroom', by Actinium Wasteland. Added 25/10/2005
'The Longest Sunday Drive', by Actinium Wasteland. Added 25/10/2005
'Just Lazy?', by rosemary Bosso. Added 13/09/2005
'The Pause', by N McClure. Added 04/09/2005
'A case of love in the making.', by Liger Channeler. Added 05/08/2005
'Marriage', by M.V. Anderson. Added 30/07/2005
'Red Love on the Highway', by M.V. Anderson. Added 30/07/2005
'Shattered', by Joan Mahaffy. Added 24/07/2005
'Breaking up', by Paula Wright. Added 17/07/2005
'Heartfelt', by Daniel Andersson. Added 17/07/2005
'Coloured Love', by Toby Falconer. Added 12/07/2005
'On Being Used', by Colin Hall. Added 28/06/2005
'You Have a Reputation, Girl.', by Gillian Kathleen. Added 23/06/2005
'The End', by Jonathan Weisman. Added 21/06/2005
'ridgecrest', by Lily Silverheart. Added 03/06/2005
'On My Own Again', by Helen Evans. Added 30/05/2005
'insult to injury and salt to the wound', by Martin Fernando. Added 04/05/2005
'edgar', by micki mcclelland. Added 28/04/2005
'bored silly', by micki mcclelland. Added 27/04/2005
'What’s in a name?', by Yosef Bar-On. Added 22/04/2005
'That Was It', by Joan Mahaffy. Added 17/04/2005
'Oh, how fickle these human hearts be', by Melinda Gonzalez. Added 16/04/2005
'Glow worm', by micki mcclelland. Added 15/04/2005
'Here we go again', by Jordan Becker. Added 14/04/2005
'Marriage Fruition', by tigon titian. Added 05/04/2005
'The Husband', by tigon titian. Added 01/04/2005
'A Foot Note...', by Stacey Lumsden. Added 29/03/2005
'Rejected Letter To The Penthouse Forum', by Clayton Hove. Added 26/03/2005
'Nothing Runs Like A Groom', by Clayton Hove. Added 26/03/2005
'"I go mad with tenderness"', by Liger Channeler. Added 22/03/2005
'"You Geek"........ I Love You.', by Liger Channeler. Added 12/03/2005
'Don't forget the goggles.', by Liger Channeler. Added 10/03/2005
'I Stood at Their Wedding', by Christopher Weil. Added 10/03/2005
'Reunion', by R. Stewart. Added 08/03/2005
'Ballroom Dancing Should Be Mandatory', by Shelley Kimball. Added 04/03/2005
'for a time, he held her in his arms', by Martin Fernando. Added 22/02/2005
'I left the flowers in the car.', by Liger Channeler. Added 18/02/2005
'Second Chance', by tigon titian. Added 17/02/2005
'The Anthropologist and the Artist', by tigon titian. Added 17/02/2005
'Alone', by Glenda Madriaga. Added 16/02/2005

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