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Epic Romance. Heathcliiiiiiiiiiiifff! There are 564 stories in this genre. To read any story, just click its title - you'll then have a chance to vote on it if you are a contributor.

'A tearful farewell', by Keith Harmon. Added 09/11/2003
'Therapeutic touch', by Helen Thompson. Added 06/11/2003
'Caribbean romance', by Keith Harmon. Added 05/11/2003
'Hefty', by caffeine goddess. Added 04/11/2003
'Morning After', by Brandon Thomas. Added 23/10/2003
'Haughty Pretentious Bitch-Empress', by some one. Added 16/10/2003
'Just Crazy', by Miss Anthropy. Added 14/10/2003
'At Long Last, Love', by Moira Russell. Added 13/10/2003
'I Donít Give a Damn', by Robert Seulowitz. Added 05/10/2003
'Another Fuzzy Night on the Prowl', by Clayton Hove. Added 30/09/2003
'True Love, Vegas-Style', by Clayton Hove. Added 23/09/2003
'My Big Fat Greek Salad', by Alec Long. Added 23/09/2003
'Infatuation', by Clayton Hove. Added 17/09/2003
'Wedding Night', by Clayton Hove. Added 16/09/2003
'She was hot', by Grant Sanders. Added 14/09/2003
'A canal bouquet', by Colin Fraser. Added 08/09/2003
'The Greatest Show', by Clayton Hove. Added 05/09/2003
'Bad News', by Brent Hahn. Added 04/09/2003
'That Greek girl', by Grant Sanders. Added 04/09/2003
'Flirtation 101', by Clayton Hove. Added 04/09/2003
'standards du jour', by Clayton Hove. Added 01/09/2003
'sleep', by Vivek Misra. Added 20/08/2003
'Flick.', by Clayton Hove. Added 19/08/2003
'Hookers and Happy Endings', by RP Bird. Added 15/08/2003

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