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Ace of Spades. Revolvers, dark cityscapes, and hard-boiled detectives perhaps named Sam. There are 67 stories in this genre. To read any story, just click its title - you'll then have a chance to vote on it if you are a contributor.

'Objection', by Bartholomew Bartholomew. Added 24/02/2016
'Lady in Red', by Bartholomew Bartholomew. Added 24/02/2016
'The Downside', by Bartholomew Bartholomew. Added 23/02/2016
'The Killer', by Taggart Taggart. Added 08/05/2014
'Writer Wannabe', by Robin Scott. Added 24/08/2010
'Long Arm of the Law', by Colin Fraser. Added 15/08/2010
'Chuck ?', by jordan simmons. Added 08/03/2010
'Revenge is sour', by Lil' Dove. Added 26/03/2009
'A Monument To Barry', by Richard Pierce. Added 02/02/2009
'Emotional Prison', by tigon titian. Added 24/12/2008
'Playing cards', by Christopher Gross. Added 08/09/2008
'Psychobilly Phin', by Benjamin Concepcion. Added 07/09/2008
'Red puddle', by Raymund Orazio. Added 25/05/2008
'Another Day at the Office', by William Reschke. Added 25/01/2008
'Asprin Washed Down With Petrol', by Hearn Johansson. Added 17/04/2007
'She Claims to have Changed the World', by Nate Stein. Added 08/04/2007
'I.O.U. More Bullets', by William Reschke. Added 26/02/2007
'Working Breakfast', by benjamin sTone. Added 23/02/2007
'The Promise', by Michael McCook. Added 03/05/2006
'Hungry Eyes...Dirty Socks...Explosions', by Richard Pierce. Added 30/04/2006
'Answers', by Benjamin Concepcion. Added 26/04/2006
'Don't Be A Hero', by Keith Sheasley. Added 10/04/2006
'It'd been awhile...', by Benjamin Concepcion. Added 31/03/2006
'And So It Goes', by Richard Pierce. Added 10/03/2006
'In Holiday', by M.V. Anderson. Added 30/07/2005
'Card Play', by Toby Falconer. Added 12/07/2005
'Stating the Obvious', by Andrew Wilson. Added 04/07/2005
'Cheaters.', by Joe Weinberg. Added 18/04/2005
'Jason Is Stupid', by Dan Bollmann. Added 20/03/2005
'We Need to Discuss Some Business', by R. Stewart. Added 09/03/2005
'Sizing Him Up', by Neal Gomberg. Added 22/02/2005
'Ask a Stupid...', by Neal Gomberg. Added 04/02/2005
'Responding Well to Therapy', by Eileen McVey. Added 03/02/2005
'The MIssing Poodle', by Eileen McVey. Added 03/02/2005
'Internal Injuries', by benjamin sTone. Added 30/01/2005
'Brutal Charm', by benjamin sTone. Added 30/01/2005
'Stacked deck', by Joe Weinberg. Added 20/01/2005
'Examination', by benjamin sTone. Added 16/01/2005
'No Alibi', by Eileen McVey. Added 11/01/2005
'Some Say It Was Murder', by Eileen McVey. Added 11/01/2005
'A Long Cold Winter', by Eileen McVey. Added 07/01/2005
'What's Your Name?', by Annamay Gambino. Added 07/01/2005
'How Old Was She?', by Eileen McVey. Added 06/01/2005
'Floored', by Eileen McVey. Added 01/01/2005
'Kiss of Death', by Eileen McVey. Added 29/12/2004

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