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Noir as the night. The postman always hits submit twice. But you don't have to in this film noir pastiche. There are 336 stories in this genre. To read any story, just click its title - you'll then have a chance to vote on it if you are a contributor.

'NOVEMBER 5th', by Keith Harmon. Added 03/11/2003
'She Would Know', by Alec Long. Added 31/10/2003
'She Lied', by Jennifer Franks. Added 26/10/2003
'Soul Mate', by Clayton Hove. Added 22/10/2003
'Oops', by Robert Seulowitz. Added 18/10/2003
'Bloody Mess', by Michael Bond. Added 16/10/2003
'Femme Fatale', by Sir Fretful Plagiary. Added 15/10/2003
'Triage by numbers', by Daniel Winterstein. Added 09/10/2003
'A job for the people', by Grant Sanders. Added 03/10/2003
'Proof', by Eric Hull. Added 19/09/2003
'Missing You', by Clayton Hove. Added 17/09/2003
'Evil deeds', by Grant Sanders. Added 08/09/2003
'It all adds up', by Grant Sanders. Added 05/09/2003
'Spiral', by Grant Sanders. Added 05/09/2003
'Anal retentive bitch', by Grant Sanders. Added 03/09/2003
'Reboot', by Grant Sanders. Added 02/09/2003
'Not so unwary', by Neil Goulder. Added 20/08/2003
'A Lady's Tears', by Darren Priest. Added 20/08/2003
'Ledge of Darkness', by Darren Priest. Added 20/08/2003
'Spent.', by Clayton Hove. Added 19/08/2003
'Empty shelves', by Chris Worth. Added 15/08/2003

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