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Noir as the night. The postman always hits submit twice. But you don't have to in this film noir pastiche. There are 336 stories in this genre. To read any story, just click its title - you'll then have a chance to vote on it if you are a contributor.

'Sadomasochism is not for the Forgetful ', by David Phillips. Added 19/12/2009
'Sex and Violence', by tigon titian. Added 07/11/2009
'Lord Knows I'm to Blame', by Will Robot. Added 24/10/2009
'Thumbed down', by DOMINIC KING. Added 07/10/2009
'Bad News', by DOMINIC KING. Added 03/10/2009
'Bleeding brake pipes', by DOMINIC KING. Added 01/10/2009
'I want a beer', by Leandro Mendez. Added 23/09/2009
'Girl from the supermarket', by Maria O' Leary. Added 09/09/2009
'Awake', by Maria O' Leary. Added 09/09/2009
'Conclusion', by Becky Boot. Added 27/08/2009
'She still wonders why', by Franco Biciocchi. Added 23/08/2009
'Sweet Release', by First Last. Added 15/06/2009
'Nights of the worried parent/CEO/lover', by Axial Tilt. Added 23/04/2009
'A Mystery Wrapped in a Rug', by Brent Hahn. Added 08/04/2009
'Goodbye Mister Dobbins', by Richard Pierce. Added 05/02/2009
'First Shot', by Brad Rose. Added 01/02/2009
'The Naked Detective', by Brad Rose. Added 28/01/2009
'I'm not afraid of hurting people.', by richard macdonald. Added 27/01/2009
'Casual Love', by Francis Llamas. Added 01/01/2009
'The Search for Light', by Gayla Chaney. Added 31/12/2008
'Not Hugh', by Geoff Morrison. Added 21/12/2008
'Common Courtesy', by Geoff Morrison. Added 21/12/2008
'Ghostly Memory', by April Fortune. Added 16/11/2008
'Seven Brown Bottles ', by Mai Benueza. Added 17/09/2008
'Escape', by amethyst sky. Added 14/09/2008
'Return to Sender', by Charlotte Edman. Added 08/09/2008
'You say TomAHtoe and I say TomAYtoe', by Jane Shivnan. Added 16/06/2008
'A Cold Night', by Benjamin Concepcion. Added 03/04/2008
'Gets 'em Every Time', by Jim Janousek. Added 31/03/2008
'Still constipated.', by Ron Ponder. Added 31/03/2008
'Final Scene', by Nats Weisert. Added 26/01/2008
'grave of whiskey', by Brittitia Shaffer. Added 25/01/2008
'drunken death wish', by Brittitia Shaffer. Added 24/01/2008
'Author Noir', by andrew c ferguson. Added 26/12/2007
'sometimes, at night', by alice chapman. Added 18/12/2007
'Ersten', by Dusty Bailey. Added 20/11/2007
'Hard Fast City', by Tiffany Alicajic. Added 05/11/2007
'An old friend on a wet day', by Will Robot. Added 26/10/2007
'Condemned Property', by Marion Garces. Added 21/10/2007
'Resignation letter', by Will Robot. Added 19/10/2007
'2 AM ', by J Schapel. Added 18/10/2007
'Penthouse Window Memories', by Tiffany Alicajic. Added 23/09/2007
'The Bride Forgotten', by Debra Twardowski. Added 11/09/2007
'Razorblade Salvation', by Lady Q. Added 28/07/2007
'Her Timing Was Impeccable', by Barbara Forsythe. Added 07/07/2007

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