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Noir as the night. The postman always hits submit twice. But you don't have to in this film noir pastiche. There are 336 stories in this genre. To read any story, just click its title - you'll then have a chance to vote on it if you are a contributor.

'Saving Grace', by Kathleen August. Added 20/09/2011
'Moscato Nights', by Ginger Mermaid. Added 04/08/2011
'It's Just Meat', by Kirsten Weiss. Added 30/07/2011
'The smoking girl.', by Christopher Antolak. Added 29/07/2011
'Fairweather fare', by John Evans. Added 21/06/2011
'First in, last out', by Willem Ruigrok. Added 17/06/2011
'Muscle Memory', by Lee Stoops. Added 09/06/2011
'Remembrance', by LK Tacotta. Added 04/06/2011
'They Spin', by Lee Stoops. Added 29/05/2011
'In the Clear', by Derek Brouwer. Added 02/05/2011
'Pigeons in the Glow of a Streetlamp', by Paul Myers. Added 28/03/2011
'Plane Dame', by Nicky Marsh. Added 16/03/2011
'First Solo in Space', by Paul Myers. Added 11/03/2011
'Al Loved his Brother', by Dave Seglem. Added 20/02/2011
'Fresh is Best', by Vince Graziela. Added 19/02/2011
'The Thrill Is Gone', by Vince Graziela. Added 19/02/2011
'Expressionless Veneer of Eleanor Volche’s Face', by Paul Myers. Added 03/01/2011
'Short Changed', by Corbin Went. Added 27/12/2010
'Shylock', by Yaqut Kabil. Added 24/12/2010
'Stiletto Forensics', by Biljana Petrova. Added 04/12/2010
'The Sweet Sound of No', by Kim Favors. Added 01/12/2010
'The more one knows...', by Ankur Bhargava. Added 31/10/2010
'Eternity', by The Third Murderer. Added 21/09/2010
'Thoughts on the Matter', by benjamin sTone. Added 17/09/2010
'On My Case', by Jeff Brown. Added 04/09/2010
'Every Cop Show on TV', by Jordan Becker. Added 26/08/2010
'Son of "How The Mighty Have Fallen"', by Vince Graziela. Added 08/08/2010
'How the Mighty Have Fallen', by Vince Graziela. Added 08/08/2010
'Fetish Reality.', by Viktoria Michaelis. Added 11/07/2010
'Once Again...', by Kayleigh Cunningham. Added 09/07/2010
'Its' not the right time', by Arch M. Added 29/06/2010
'Low Fidelity', by Bilbo Baggins. Added 27/06/2010
'Father and Son', by Eric Pöhlsen. Added 26/06/2010
'For the last time', by Joel Costa. Added 08/06/2010
'An execution', by Alexander Spruyt. Added 30/05/2010
'Options', by Ari Kristine. Added 28/05/2010
'Big shots', by Mike Fritsch. Added 19/05/2010
'You Took My Safety', by Lucy-Jane Krohn. Added 10/05/2010
'Look and See', by Ad Ria. Added 01/05/2010
'A Task', by Peter Lundquist. Added 23/04/2010
'Muffin a coffin', by Willem Ruigrok. Added 15/03/2010
'Roundabout', by Willem Ruigrok. Added 19/02/2010
'Spit and heck', by Willem Ruigrok. Added 08/02/2010
'The Thief', by Paul de Denus. Added 17/01/2010
'She likes to watch them die', by Daan Kogelmans. Added 31/12/2009

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