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Superdupernatural. Vampires, demons, the whole menagerie's in this immortal genre. There are 142 stories in this genre. To read any story, just click its title - you'll then have a chance to vote on it if you are a contributor.

'Can You See Me Now?', by Highway Runner. Added 05/03/2017
'Bargain', by Tyrean Martinson. Added 02/12/2015
'The In-Laws', by Tyrean Martinson. Added 02/12/2015
'I Fly With a Little Help From My Friends', by Adam Martin. Added 11/02/2015
'Inheritance', by Dan Watson. Added 02/08/2014
'Breaking through', by Jack Dean. Added 08/01/2013
'Ravens', by Venus in scorpio. Added 13/12/2012
'Black Moon Lillith', by Venus in scorpio. Added 13/12/2012
'Medium of Fraud', by Angela Penn. Added 28/10/2012
'Chess With The Wise Woman', by Ian Glass. Added 04/01/2012
'The Last Scene', by Abdul Rasheed OM. Added 25/09/2011
'Howling', by Devin Swatman-Stewart. Added 02/06/2011
'Boldfaced Truth', by Lee Stoops. Added 29/05/2011
'the hear after', by Lily Silverheart. Added 03/04/2011
'One Night, in a Dark Bar...', by Colin Fraser. Added 14/02/2011
'None so blind', by Wesley Parish. Added 28/01/2011
'Comedians Prayer', by Brian Strunk. Added 15/11/2010
'Hollow Threats', by Colin Fraser. Added 30/10/2010
'Dust in the Wind', by J. Ference. Added 20/08/2010
'Single Drop Sea', by Abdul Rasheed OM. Added 17/07/2010
'We are all a little mad...', by Kayleigh Cunningham. Added 16/06/2010
'Drop Dead Line', by Vince Graziela. Added 07/06/2010
'The Gap', by Paul W. Franklin. Added 09/05/2010
'Am I real?', by David Bridgman. Added 01/05/2010
'Oh that God...', by Brian Strunk. Added 29/04/2010
'After Dark', by Paul de Denus. Added 17/02/2010
'Cat's in the Cradle', by Birdie Rose. Added 19/01/2010
'Caveman', by Willem Ruigrok. Added 09/11/2009
'Psst!', by Sean Hill. Added 12/10/2009
'Reading Is Bad For You!', by Gareth Baylis. Added 11/08/2009
'Threads', by William Reschke. Added 01/08/2009
'Shoedown', by Bernardo Garcia. Added 04/02/2009
'the universe is bigger than friends', by richard macdonald. Added 27/01/2009
'Gift of Tales', by Alderman Hogg. Added 31/12/2008
'The Boy Who Felt Sorry', by De Guzman. Added 16/09/2008
'Too Much Wolf', by Faye North. Added 24/07/2008
'Occupations', by Lauren Towers. Added 21/07/2008
'Country Hideaway, Perfect for a Demon-Haunted Family', by R. Stewart. Added 07/07/2008
'E.T', by Jennifer Warren. Added 05/05/2008
'casa dulce', by Melinda Gonzalez. Added 02/05/2008
'"Three wishes," said the genie.', by Jay Stevol. Added 01/04/2008
'Abjuration', by Jim Janousek. Added 10/03/2008
'Ghastly Encounter', by Jennifer Bryan. Added 21/01/2008
'Birthday', by kiki loomis. Added 18/01/2008
'She Returns One Night', by Rosemary K. West. Added 31/05/2007

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