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Men in black shorts. Blame it on the MIBs. The truth is in here, and it's surprisingly brief. There are 35 stories in this genre. To read any story, just click its title - you'll then have a chance to vote on it if you are a contributor.

'At least', by Robert van Munster. Added 15/08/2015
'Blatantly Confidential', by Gayle Beveridge. Added 14/08/2012
'Aliens Can Be Friendly Too', by Mick Theebs. Added 27/06/2011
'Managing Priorites.', by Colin Fraser. Added 26/02/2011
'The Breakip', by Libby Cudmore. Added 18/12/2010
'The "Mac" Shall Inherit the earth.....II', by Arvind Vimal David. Added 09/08/2010
'The "Mac" Shall Inherit the earth.....', by Arvind Vimal David. Added 22/06/2010
'At the parade', by trinidad sky. Added 02/05/2010
'Why?', by Birdie Rose. Added 02/02/2010
'La Dispute', by Roos M. Added 17/09/2008
'True Fiction', by Nigel King. Added 18/02/2008
'Abductio ad absurdem', by Robert A. Wells. Added 09/08/2006
'Agentswap', by Audacious Duck. Added 25/05/2006
'Erm, Nevermind', by M.T. Dierbeck. Added 17/04/2006
'The Morning After', by Sharon Rosa. Added 24/01/2006
'Top Secret', by Hannah Becker. Added 09/06/2005
'Black Rath', by micki mcclelland. Added 15/04/2005
'Disputed Territory', by benjamin sTone. Added 23/01/2005
'the paraniod's first appointment', by tigon titian. Added 17/01/2005
'Will his hair grow back?', by Liger Channeler. Added 10/01/2005
'Try Not to Think About It!', by Susan Kubes. Added 07/01/2005
'Ray Bob', by BJ Dogg. Added 15/12/2004
'It repels skeeters, in-laws and aliens', by Dan McKay. Added 05/12/2004
'Do you have trains on your planet?', by Dan McKay. Added 05/12/2004
'The TRUTH', by jerry johnson. Added 01/12/2004
'The Kleenex Alien', by Dennis Moore. Added 27/11/2004
'He Shouldn't Have Crossed Them', by O Z. Added 16/08/2004
'A Day in the Life. . .', by Carole Cross. Added 22/06/2004
'patriotism', by Lily Silverheart. Added 06/05/2004
'another axworthy adventure', by Lily Silverheart. Added 06/05/2004
'Have Dictionary, Will Travel', by RP Bird. Added 31/10/2003
'Check Your Social Security Card', by RP Bird. Added 31/10/2003
'The Truth Is Out There', by RP Bird. Added 30/10/2003
'Harmless Hobby', by Neil Goulder. Added 22/10/2003
'My God They're Everywhere', by Martin Marks. Added 09/10/2003

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