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Brief Oddities. For stories that don't have a genre. If your story doesn't fit anywhere, put it in here - maybe it'll give birth to a new one. There are 743 stories in this genre. To read any story, just click its title - you'll then have a chance to vote on it if you are a contributor.

'Whoops', by Daan Kogelmans. Added 14/10/2009
'I Deserved the Nobel Peace Prize', by Tair Zimmerman. Added 12/10/2009
'Oops', by Zac Petrich. Added 12/10/2009
'Virgil's Encounter', by Zac Petrich. Added 12/10/2009
'Brainstorm', by Spencer VonSmartOne. Added 08/10/2009
'Un om cu un scop', by Leandro Mendez. Added 06/10/2009
'Misunderstanding', by C Thomas. Added 06/10/2009
'I Love Cats', by James Harding. Added 05/10/2009
'The King's crown', by Leandro Mendez. Added 04/10/2009
'Mr. Peeble', by C Thomas. Added 28/09/2009
'Together, in Bed', by Bernard Jansen. Added 25/09/2009
'Death On The Wing', by Tair Zimmerman. Added 24/09/2009
'Gastrotrich', by Tair Zimmerman. Added 23/09/2009
'Bonsai', by Tair Zimmerman. Added 23/09/2009
'Sharp', by jase argonaut. Added 20/09/2009
'A lurking suspicion. ', by Zachary Roach. Added 17/09/2009
'I, Wallpaper.', by Mo Deep. Added 15/09/2009
'Creek Stones', by Peter Grzywacz. Added 09/08/2009
'High Heels', by Peter Grzywacz. Added 09/08/2009
'Confusion in the Gene Pool', by Richard Pierce. Added 09/08/2009
'Neighbourly Manners', by Matthew Collier. Added 07/08/2009
'By the pool', by Juaneza Parungao. Added 16/07/2009
'Before it's too late', by C. Chloé. Added 24/06/2009
'One Good Deed', by Faye North. Added 05/06/2009
'Vengeance is mine. I will repay.', by Maria King-Koroleva. Added 21/05/2009
'A woman on her knees in existential crisis', by Maria King-Koroleva. Added 04/05/2009
'Pickle Juice Logic', by Sullivan Gull. Added 28/04/2009
'Cookie's In The Wind', by Richard Pierce. Added 14/04/2009
'Grading on a curve', by jordan simmons. Added 28/03/2009
'The Late Shift', by Joaquin Bojorquez. Added 16/03/2009
'Service Animal for the Paranoid', by tigon titian. Added 13/03/2009
'Too Much', by Joanie Saltzman. Added 06/03/2009
'Bedtime Prayer 2.0', by Sullivan Gull. Added 05/03/2009
'The Masquerade', by Melinda Gonzalez. Added 17/02/2009
'Fifteen Seconds After I Lost My Bet With Stella', by James Kelly. Added 07/02/2009
'The Dancing Slug', by Sullivan Gull. Added 02/02/2009
'Sweet Dreams', by Faye North. Added 14/01/2009
'The Perfect Gift', by Sagar Sharma. Added 08/01/2009
'Elle a.k.a. Riot what Riot?', by Faye North. Added 23/12/2008
'Lost at Sea', by Faye North. Added 22/12/2008
'Spare Time', by Geoff Morrison. Added 03/12/2008
'Pirating', by Christopher Gross. Added 02/12/2008
'"Sarge, I think we have a problem..."', by Danielle Perichon. Added 08/11/2008
'Garden City', by Sacha Perko. Added 01/11/2008
'Parallel Worlds, Parallel Blows', by James Kelly. Added 26/09/2008

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