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Lost in Lovecraft. Deliciously blood-curdling tales from the House of Esher's lost library. There are 285 stories in this genre. To read any story, just click its title - you'll then have a chance to vote on it if you are a contributor.

'A trip to the library', by Kate Leech. Added 07/03/2005
'Lent', by Joe Weinberg. Added 04/03/2005
'tomb with a view', by Lily Silverheart. Added 21/02/2005
'Timeless Love', by Yosef Bar-On. Added 11/02/2005
'Of Eldritch Artifacts and Filthy Habits', by Scott Weber. Added 05/02/2005
'You’d Think by Now a Person Would Learn', by R. Stewart. Added 27/01/2005
'In the Minds Eye', by Steve Eddy. Added 22/01/2005
'Blind and Old', by Joan Mahaffy. Added 20/01/2005
'Clarity', by Joe Weinberg. Added 12/01/2005
'True Love', by Annamay Gambino. Added 07/01/2005
'Blind date', by Yosef Bar-On. Added 06/01/2005
'GOODBYE, FARETHEEWELL', by Francie Druyor. Added 06/01/2005
'You Get What You Pay For', by Annamay Gambino. Added 05/01/2005
'slime', by Lyle Rosdahl. Added 03/01/2005
'Irresistible', by Francie Druyor. Added 03/01/2005
'Guard dogs at night', by Yosef Bar-On. Added 03/01/2005
'The Inside Job', by Eileen McVey. Added 29/12/2004
'Black heart of Cthulthu', by Jim Phelps. Added 19/12/2004
'Last Night', by Tristan Samuelson-Goodfellow. Added 12/12/2004
'Inner Beauty', by Kim Favors. Added 10/12/2004
'UNPLEASANT DISCOVERY', by paolo guglielmoni. Added 29/11/2004
'at least the moon is still there', by mark lewis. Added 24/11/2004
'MuchAdo', by Lily Silverheart. Added 16/11/2004
'UNDRESSING', by Joan Mahaffy. Added 02/09/2004
'but of corpse not', by Lily Silverheart. Added 29/07/2004
'A Freak', by Romily Johns. Added 22/07/2004
'The Bee', by Joan Mahaffy. Added 14/07/2004
'He broke her heart', by Joan Mahaffy. Added 08/06/2004
'eee-mo-shun', by Steph Gutierrez. Added 31/05/2004
'Chardonnay', by Carole Cross. Added 25/05/2004
'Living with You', by Carole Cross. Added 25/05/2004
'One Love', by Richard McLaren. Added 24/05/2004
'feeling strange', by Lily Silverheart. Added 29/04/2004
'love reflux', by steve boysa. Added 23/04/2004
'hope springs internal', by Lily Silverheart. Added 16/04/2004
'trixie', by steve boysa. Added 06/04/2004
'lost love', by steve boysa. Added 25/03/2004
'no more nightmares', by Luigi Renna. Added 07/03/2004
'Pants from beyond space', by Will Robot. Added 03/03/2004
'The Morning After', by Brenda Ster. Added 28/02/2004
'Proven in Haiku', by Alec Long. Added 27/02/2004
'Prove it in Haiku', by Amy Genovesi. Added 26/02/2004
'Missed Encounter', by Brenda Ster. Added 25/02/2004
'The Dark God's Gift.', by Toby Falconer. Added 19/01/2004
'Unexpected news', by Paul Smith. Added 05/01/2004

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