Stories by Martin Fernando
This author's self-description: a highly intelligent yet utterly stupid man-child. You can also visit the author's own site.

'He Shall Forever Hold His Peace', in Epic Romance. Rank: 1046/9334. Read this story.
'an internet geek's perspective on life', in Wordless in Windows. Rank: 5722/9334. Read this story.
'why jenny is still single...', in Snorts 'n Chortles. Rank: 7961/9334. Read this story.
'Wounded knees are easier to heal than broken hearts...', in Teen dreams. Rank: 4428/9334. Read this story.
'insult to injury and salt to the wound', in Epic Romance. Rank: 4104/9334. Read this story.
'cat got your tongue?', in Teen Romance. Rank: 6820/9334. Read this story.
'a fantasy gone wrong', in New York Love. Rank: 4918/9334. Read this story.
'if he only knew..', in Minor introspections. Rank: 6652/9334. Read this story.
'The World's Former Best-Kept Secret', in Minor introspections. Rank: 712/9334. Read this story.
'Smithy's savior', in Teen dreams. Rank: 4784/9334. Read this story.
'for a time, he held her in his arms', in Epic Romance. Rank: 8382/9334. Read this story.
'it's in the eye of the beholder', in Teen dreams. Rank: 7323/9334. Read this story.
'optical illusion', in Teen Romance. Rank: 758/9334. Read this story.
'Going on Air in Five, Four, Three...', in Tales from the watercooler. Rank: 6928/9334. Read this story.
'Stevie Wonder on Rolling Stone Magazine', in Laughing in the dark. Rank: 7496/9334. Read this story.
'did i raise you like that?', in The Illustrated Story. Rank: 7383/9334. Read this story.
'mail-order bride', in Talking screwball. Rank: 6305/9334. Read this story.
'a night of romance', in Epic Romance. Rank: 6745/9334. Read this story.
'internet geek hopelessly in love', in Wordless in Windows. Rank: 8549/9334. Read this story.
'50 years...', in Epic Romance. Rank: 813/9334. Read this story.

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