Stories by Amanda Lawrence Auverigne
This author's self-description: Amanda writes Horror, Humor and Dark Fantasy fiction. She lives in the United States. You can also visit the author's own site.

'The Late and Terrible Warning', in King of Horror. Rank: 7190/9334. Read this story.
'Going to the Mall', in King of Horror. Rank: 8424/9334. Read this story.
'A Romantic Inquiry', in Chick lit. Rank: 7536/9334. Read this story.
'In the Mood for an Ice Cream Sandwich', in Snorts 'n Chortles. Rank: 1401/9334. Read this story.
'Sylvia', in Chick lit. Rank: 5682/9334. Read this story.
'Pet', in King of Horror. Rank: 2765/9334. Read this story.
'A Question of Locality', in Brief Oddities. Rank: 8028/9334. Read this story.

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