Stories by Mike Fritsch
This author's self-description: semicolonographer.

'Worst Job Ever', in Brief Oddities. Rank: 9321/9334. Read this story.
'Big shots', in Noir as the night. Rank: 4626/9334. Read this story.
'Big shots', in Wagons roll!. Rank: 8138/9334. Read this story.
'A Gross Miscalculation', in Lost in Lovecraft. Rank: 438/9334. Read this story.
'My Grandfather's Pride', in Brief Oddities. Rank: 7042/9334. Read this story.
'High Couth', in Brief Oddities. Rank: 8475/9334. Read this story.
'The Better Brother', in Family laughs. Rank: 678/9334. Read this story.

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