Stories by Michael Hutchinson
This author's self-description: Freshman literature major at UCSB that likes wasting time writing really short stories.

'Quitter', in 'Burb brevity. Rank: 63/9334. Read this story.
'In the circus', in Brief Oddities. Rank: 3811/9334. Read this story.
'Reality', in Freudian slips. Rank: 370/9334. Read this story.
'Always open with a joke', in The Grapes of Politics. Rank: 3822/9334. Read this story.
'Myths', in Brief Oddities. Rank: 3046/9334. Read this story.
'Learn from experience', in Short Holidays. Rank: 6299/9334. Read this story.
'A Surprise', in Future Classic. Rank: 155/9334. Read this story.
'A long drive', in Truncated travels. Rank: 6052/9334. Read this story.
'A bad summer's day', in Family laughs. Rank: 146/9334. Read this story.

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