Stories by F.J. Bergmann
This author's self-description: A failed visual artist, a moderately successful poet, with a pseudopod that reaches all the way from the bedroom to the refrigerator. You can also visit the author's own site.

'Laugh, Gasp', in Laughing in the dark. Rank: 8603/9334. Read this story.
'Determination Diet', in Bitesize Inspirations. Rank: 8276/9334. Read this story.
'Cocoa Butter', in Sounds like Hannibal. Rank: 6254/9334. Read this story.
'New Physics', in Future Classic. Rank: 2727/9334. Read this story.
'Twinkle', in Brief Oddities. Rank: 5902/9334. Read this story.
'Revelation', in Lost in Lovecraft. Rank: 8883/9334. Read this story.
'Spell', in Spell Realism. Rank: 2319/9334. Read this story.

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